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CSR Vision

TOPLUS GLOBAL works to cultivate its global read through the vision of becoming "the most representative food and beverage brand in Taiwan" and "the irreplaceable wedding venue for reception", we like to take into account all advice from all stakeholders and do our best effort to respond to their expectations and issues raised. We will continually establish and enhance relevant management system and adopt a "Corporate Social Responsibility Policy" which is applicable to all affiliates of the Company, as well as assuming the social responsibility of the Company in the aspects of corporate governance, environment and the society.


Exercise of Corporate Governance

  • The directors shall urge the company to perform its corporate social responsibility initiatives, examine the results of the implementation thereof from time to time and continually make improvements.
  • Establishing effective corporate governance frameworks and relevant ethical standards.
  • Respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders and establishing a designated section for stakeholders on the company website.

Developing of a Sustainable Environment

  • Following relevant environmental laws, regulations and international standards endeavoring to promote a sustainable environment.
  • Considering the effect of business operations on ecological efficiency, promoting and advocating the concept of sustainable consumption to reduce the impact on the natural environment and human beings from their business operations.
  • Monitoring the impact of climate change on their operations to minimize the impact of their business operations on climate change.

Preserve Public Welfare

  • Following relevant labor laws and regulations to protect the legal interests of the employees.
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment to employees.
  • Creating an environment conductive to the development of employees' careers and facilitating two-way communication with employees regularly.
  • Following the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant and respecting the rights and interests of consumers.
  • Actively participating charitable activities to facilitate the development of the society.

Disclosure of Responsibility Information.

  • Disclosing information according to relevant laws and regulations, and disclosing relevant and reliable information relating to their corporate social responsibility initiatives to improve information transparency.
  • Producing corporate social responsibility reports to disclose the status of their implementation of the corporate social responsibility policy.